wedding photo booth hire

Wedding photo booth hire

Are you looking to add a little more fun to your wedding? Snap Decision Photo booth hire Wollongong could be just the thing you’re looking for if you are. A wedding is a special time in the life of every bride and groom. The wedding reception is the time for a little bit of fun for the bride and groom, and all of the guests. It is a time to go a bit silly and let your hair down on a day of great celebration.

You can add fun to your wedding in a variety of ways. One way you can do it, that is a little different and unique, is with a wedding photo booth hire Wollongong. This can be a great option for all types of people of all ages. They are a great way especially to keep kids at your wedding entertained but that certainly shouldn’t stop any adults having some fun with them either.

Everyone is unique in how they like to have fun and a wedding photo booth hire Wollongong represents an opportunity to provide all types of people with some fun and entertainment. You can even get props with your photo booth so if you want to get that little bit silly and goofy then you can without having to worry about feeling self-conscious.

With wedding photo booth hire Wollongong you will get a choice from both B & W, colour prints, or both. You can get them printed out there and then and after your wedding is finished you will get a CD with all of your photos posted to you. This way you can copy them if you want and share them with all your family and friends for years to come.


If you would like to add some fun to your wedding then photo booth hire Wollongong call Snap Decision today. They offer comprehensive packages for your wedding and they are sure to have something that will take your fancy for your upcoming wedding.

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Party photo booth hire

Planning a kids party can be a hassle sometimes. You need a way to keep them all entertained without too much trouble at all. One way that is guaranteed to keep the kids at your party entertained is with a party photo booth hire Wollongong.

Party photo booth hire Wollongong can be a great way to add some fun to your children’s party. It is a great option to consider because of how easy it is to set up, and the amount of fun that they will add to the party. You can sit back and let them have all the fun they want, and you can get all the photos you need so you remember what a great party it was.

When you choose a party photo booth hire Wollongong you will get a photo booth that is delivered to the party venue. An attendant is included with the package you choose so there will be no issues with the set up, taking the photo’s, or printing them out. You literally get an opportunity to add fun to the party without much effort on your part at all.

Imagine how much fun the kids at the party will have with a photo booth at the party. They can jump on in, make faces, laugh as much as they want, and get as many photos taken as they want. You can also get the photos printed in both B & W, and colour, along with a CD after the party of all the photos taken. You will have these photos and the memories they represent for a lifetime and it will be great to look back on those moments with your children once they’ve grown up.

You can get party photo booth hire Wollongong  with Snap Decision.They have three packages that you can pick from. All are comprehensive and you can even get extras added in with the package you choose if you want. Get in touch with them today and make your child’s party a great one.

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Customize your photo booth prints with your personal logo

We provide a custom logo design service that is added to all of your photo booth prints. It’s a great way to add that special keepsake touch to your prints. Call us on 0411 430 002 for more information.

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GIF Booth

Our new GIF booth is perfect for taking those large group shots. Guests can then email their photos, and share to social media from there! Call 0411 430 002 for more information.

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Photo booth hire wollongong

Snap Decision Photo Booth Hire Wollongong is a great way to add a little fun to any event you are planning, whether it be a wedding or just a party. You can have loads of fun in them. Smile, laugh, and muck around in the photo booth and take snaps of yourself that you’ll hopefully have with you for a lifetime.

Hire a photo booth Wollongong and you can get this experience. You can make any event, a wedding, party, exhibition, school formal, way more fun with a photo booth. It is something that you and your guests can have fun with for hours. You can make all the silly faces you want and have your photos taken in either black or white, or colour.

Photo booths Wollongong are easy to set up for any type of event. Once you’ve taken your photos you can get them printed out in both black and white, and colour if you choose to. You will also get a photo album to store all of your fun and silly pics in, and even a CD with all of your photos on it. This way you will never forget the fun and the memories from your event.

You can get the best photo booths Wollongong at Snap Decision. They know how to add some fun to your event and you are guaranteed to with one of their photo booth packages. You can choose from three packages and each one includes:

  • Travel within 60kms of Wollongong
  • Setting up and removal of the photo booth
  • A photo booth attendant
  • Complimentary frame for the host
  • Unlimited photos for the duration of hire
  • Double photo strips printed every session
  • Your choice of colour prints, B & W, or both
  • Your choice of 6 different software packages
  • A CD of all photos sent to you after the event

As you can see the packages are comprehensive. You get everything that you need with any package you choose so your event will be buzzing with fun and you’ll have something to remember it by.

Check out Snap Decision photo booth hire Wollongong today.